How can I tell if I am ready for the NCLEX?


Is there a good way to tell if I am ready to take the nclex?

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How much are your studying? If you are using something like Kaplan what are your trainer scores? You will never feel ready. You can just do your best to prepare. But I studied for about a month and a half. And when I took the test, I felt like even if I had studied for another month, It would have made a difference. The NCLEX is just a weird test, it ends up being something totally different than you think. I studied dosage calc, labs, endocrine disorders, positioning, diets, all sorts of stuff that I got hammered on in the NCLEX-PN. And do you think NCLEX-RN asked me a single question on those topics?....NOPE! But I still passed. Its more about are you a safe nurse and a good critical thinker? Can you think your way to the best answer even if you do not know what they are asking you.


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I am taking the Kaplan exams. I completed exam 4. my average is 70, but this is the second time around. On retaking the cumulative or the initial diagnosis I got 68. I waive anywhere from 60 to 72 on my test scores on Kaplan. I cannot tell if I can do critical thinking. I am trying to be able to draw the core points of hurst review. On my exit exam in school, ATI - I got 98%, but in general I am a B student and had a difficult time with critical thinking. Feels like I am just spinning my wheels with no definite plan. I am scheduled to take the exam at the end of June, but can take as soon as I am ready. So each day I study the areas I am weak on in Kaplan, and also am going over core material in hurst review so I can draw them. I do about 50 questions a day to test areas weak on.