How can I get financial aid for an RN when I already have a Bachelors degree?


Hi, I'm looking for the best place to get my RN in Columbus, and I applied at Columbus State. I have a Bachelor's Degree, and I was expecting to be able to stop working and attend classes full time working towards my RN. Then I found out that it's almost impossible to get financial aid if you have a bachelors degree; I don't even qualify for federal loans. I don't have good credit, so a personal loan from a bank is out, and I didn't finish with a great GPA when getting my Bachelor's, so I don't qualify for any of the accelerated programs like MCCN or Capital.

Questions: Do any nursing schools in Columbus offer financial aid to people with Bachelor's degree's?


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Did you put in your FAFSA? Did you really get no aid? Having a previous Bachelor's should not prevent you from getting aid - I have a previous BA and have been told I can expect to have more than the cost of my program available to me in financial aid once I get ready to start my accelerated BSN, according to my school's financial advisors - and I know from conversations on here that many returning students get federal financial aid for nursing as a second or thrid degree.


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You will be eligible for federal loans but not public grants. You can search for scholarships that don't exclude second degree students, and you may receive financial aid from your school. There's also private loans as well, although they usually have higher/variable interest rates. Good luck to you!