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How to become a school nurse in WA?

by QMarquinez QMarquinez (New) New

Hi! I live in Tacoma-Puyallup area and I really want to work as a school nurse. This is the area of nursing i'm really considering right now. What are the steps I should take to be one? I don't have any experience in that area. I am an RN with BSN degree. I am currently working in a Rehab Unit of a Nursing Home for about 2 months now, it's my very first job after nursing school.

Can someone please help me? What are the requirements? Steps that I should take? I am just so desperate to become a school nurse. Please help me. Thanks!


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I did my Senior Prac in a Seattle Public School as a school nurse. Each school website has the requirements necessary to attain this position. Be forewarned, School Nursing for anyone with any degree lower than a MSN, will merit about $19 an hour. I was warned that unless you have another means of income, one really cannot live off of a school nurse wage alone, even with a BSN. I was looking into it, but opted against it because of the low-pay. I am considering a substitue job, but thats it. This is just my experience with one school district. Perhaps other distrcits pay better.

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Our District maxed out at 25.00 and they wanted some hospital experience. I too would love to be a school nurse, but like others said the pay its dismal and the position was half time