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  1. Which route is better for saving $ and better for nursing schools

    • Cc then apply to nursing
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      All 4 year at university

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I'm planning on becoming a RN in the Future. I'm currently in high school and I'm confused about which nursing route to take. I want to get a BSN. In order to do that do I have to go to a 4 year university or can I do cc first then apply to a nursing school. I feel like if I do cc pre reqs will be cheaper but it will make me less qualified to be accepted into a nursing school. Plus how do these transfer things work they're confusing to me. If you know can you explain a bit about them. On the other hand going to a university to do my pre reqs will, I don't know, will be more expensive and I won't have a clue if I will get into the nursing program there. Please help, lead me in the right direction I'm clueless and I have to one to help me figure this out right now.

Plus im not worried much about grades my gpa is a 4.0 and my sat is not so good it's 980

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Good for you, checking out your options. Weigh the pros and cons and then make your decision. Success to you!

You can most definitely attend a community college for your pre-reqs and then apply to nursing programs at Universities. The courses are the same regardless if you take them at a community college or University, the notion that community college courses are easier and thus provide an inferior education is just not true.

As far as transferring into a University nursing program -- you would simply apply for general admission into the University as a transfer student and then apply to the nursing program... And you are wise to recognize that just because you may attend your freshman and sophomore years at a particular University does not guarantee you admission into their nursing program, so you would probably end up applying at multiple schools as a transfer student anyway.

Best of luck.

Research the nursing school requirements for all the schools you are interested in. Some of the 4 year schools are no longer allowing transfer students and you have to start as a freshman at their school. Community colleges are a lot cheaper and many of them have their own nursing programs (but with associate degrees in nursing rather than a bachelor's). The job market is known for being hard in California so a BSN does give you an edge over ADN applicants. There's a lot to consider, so make sure to do plenty of research.

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