How do you become a Registered Nurse in California?

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I am IHSS worker. I love taking care, helping out and being there for others. I have been thinking about becoming a registered nurse and also want to go back to school for nursing. I already have my bachelor's degree in History. I have not taken my prerequisites classes, nor done the requirements needed for the nursing program. I wanted to know what are the best options out there for me to become a registered nurse in California? What are the requirements? Also are there any legit programs online to become a registered nurse and also get my bsn in California?

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There is an entire forum dedicated to nursing and nursing schools in CA. In general, nursing schools in CA are highly impacted (i.e., crowded) and very difficult to obtain admission to. Students with 4.0 GPA's are sometimes turned away because too many applicants have 4.0 GPA's. Not said to discourage you, only to once again, state what you are up against. You can choose to prepare for, and to apply to, the programs that are nearest your home, or you can search for programs that are less competitive in other areas of CA. A third option is to find a school out of state. Anyway you look at it, you have to take the prerequisite courses and otherwise prepare for admission.

Caliotter3 explains what you are up against well!

You can't get your nursing degree online. You can get your associate's degree at a nursing school, and then in order to get your bachelor's you can do an RN to BSN online program. But, I don't think there are any legitimate online nursing schools other than for those that already have a nursing degree.

You should look into what programs are around you and what their requirements are.

Thank you. I will look into that. :)

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