How bad is a "W"?


Hi everyone,

I am currently at BMCC taking my prerequisites. I have a perfect grade point average which I really don't want to ruin since it's what will determine if I get into the program. The issue is that right about now I am having some personal issues and have been thinking about dropping out of my chemistry class. At this point I will have a "W" in my transcript and I am worried that this will affect my chances of getting into the program.

Does anyone have any idea how much this can affect me in the future?

If it will definitely determine whether or not I get accepted I will try my best to stick through it otherwise I'll take some time off for the time being and get back to it when everything settles down at home.

I thank you in advance for all your thoughts on this.


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One W will not be a problem, as long as you have a good reason to explain it. However when you start to get a string of Ws on your transcripts, that puts a red flag in the reviewer's eyes. I knew someone who would drop classes as soon as she saw her grade was dropping below an A. She was doing what a school administrator told me about, "grade shopping". A person only signs up for classes and remains until the end if they maintain that A. Administrative personnel frown upon this practice. You will also be told by people that it doesn't matter at all, the end result is what is important. Well, from experience, I can tell you it does matter. I was forced to withdraw from school due to medical reasons. The Dean of the program, went all the way to call me at home and berated me about dropping out. She blatantly accused me of dropping out in order to get good grades. I suppose she thought the medical personnel who provided me with the paperwork were part of my conspiracy for good grades and that I enjoyed school so much I wanted to prolong it. Avoid Ws as much as possible, but if one or two are necessary, then don't get too bothered about it.

Thanks so much Caliotter3. I did take time off before because I was diagnosed with Cancer, the person who took care of me was nice enough to remove my classes at the time without considering it a withdrawal. This time the problems at home have been getting in the way of me studying. If it is a big deal then I'll just stick to it.


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I had about a total of 5 "W" in my biggie...there are reasons why many have this ..and some schools dont even bother asking why...they look at the courses you DO have and take it from dont sweat the small fries dear!'ll be alright...just make sure your reasons for receiving the "W's" are legit reason's...just like the member above states...if they see a trend they will consider it "grade shopping"...just be careful...XoXo:heartbeat

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I had 6 W's and was never accepted to the local community college because you couldn't have more than 5.

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