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I'm getting ready to start A&P this fall and when it was time to register a few months ago I was able to pick which lecture teacher I wanted. All of the lab teachers were TBA (to be announced.) I thought by this time they would have posted who our lab teachers were, but No!! A few of my friends have told me one specific teacher to avoid and I pray I dont get him. He is known for failing students and being really hard to learn from. All of the lecture and lab classes are full at this point. So my question this common at other schools? Do you not know who your teacher is until the first day of class and if so what do you do if you don't want that teacher? It's irritating that we pay so much money for school and they won't even tell us what teacher we will have or what to expect.

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At my school, the person who taught lecture also taught lab. I think it's kind of weird to have two seperate teachers, but that's just me.


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I agree, it is weird to have two different teachers. I hope they teach the same thing at the same time and dont get all over the place. That will be confusing.

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Exactly! It doesn't seem to be a very efficient way to teach a subject. Maybe you will end up having the same teacher for both. Good luck!

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Even if the teacher is announced, there's nothing to say it won't change.

The Physiology instructor that was named when I registered ended up having a scheduling conflict, and I found out on the first day of class that it would be someone else teaching it.

I've also always had the same teacher for lab as I had for lecture.


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At my school, the only lab classes that are taught by other instructors are general science classes that the liberal arts kids bio 101 or basic geography...classes like micro, anatomy, physio, chem = same teacher.


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I registered for my fall classes months ago, and for one of my classes it is still listed as TBA. FRUSTRATING to say the least. We have 2 different instructors 1 for lecture and 1 for our lab, however our lab is actually a grad student TA. That turns in everything to the professor who posts the final grades.

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