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How to access tasks that have not been assigned to you yet


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Lots of posts from new students with questions about the tasks, or wanting to get started right away or see what's ahead for them. I will teach you a trick that I did not learn from my mentor until I was already 2 terms into the program (this is a cut and paste of something I wrote to someone else in a different thread):

If you have access to your student portal, and can see the list of classes, you should be able to access them yourself.

When you go to your portal, click on "My Degree Plan" at the top. It will bring the list of courses you will take for the program. Click on the title of any of the classes, and it will pull up that class's info. At the top of the left side margin is "Assessment Preparation" with an arrow like this >. Click on the arrow and it will bring up a white box. In the white box is a green button that says "Preview" - click that button and it will open a new page where it will have a bunch of headers along the top. Click on the last header, which should be the name of the class, and it will open up all the tasks for that class. Under each task is "directions" which will tell you exactly what you need to do for that task.


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Thanks Klone! You guys have been very helpful!


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Yup I figured this out through the orientation video. I am actually half-way through a few tasks right now on two of the classes. Since you have to save the tasks offline into a Word document it makes doing the lesson and writing the paper easier. I haven't figured it all out yet, haven't officially talked to my mentor yet either, but I am getting the hang of it and realizing that I may have expectations of completion a bit quicker than I may be able to achieve.

Hats off to all of you who finished quickly... no joke there are alot of components to some of these classes!

I'm enroll info soon and I'm really hoping I can finish ahead of schedule. Thanks for the tip!!

Is the Assessment on Taskstream all that needs to be completed for the PA classes? Is there anything else to be turned in?

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By "PA" do you mean performance assessment? If so, then yes. All performance assessments are given to you through taskstream, and that is all you are required to complete.

They now have some classes with both OAs and PAs. In those classes you'd both take a test and submit tasks. But for classes with just PAs, yes, that's all you'd do.