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Hey Texas RNs!!!

Hi... I'm a new RN from FL (since summer '03). After my contract of 3 years is complete, I am looking 4 better opportunities. Right now... I'm only making $16 and change per hour (12hr shift). It's embarrassing how much they pay RNs in NW Florida. They brag 'bout the low cost of living but I disagree because the pay is sooo low 4 RNs.

You can buy a new house here 4 $100-110K. My friend who is not a nurse has recently moved to the Houston area and he told me that you can get a new house 4 the same amount as in NW Florida. Which means that my money will go further in Texas.

Please... I need to hear from U all about the payrate 4 RNs and how much a brand new home in your area. I need to hear from Rns in the Houston, Dallas , Austin, SA, and El Paso areas. Just wanted 2 thank you in advance 4 any info. I'm married and looking forward to starting a family. I'm really looking forward to hearing your responses. Houston sounds like a great city to live in.


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I grew up in Humble, a town 25 minutes northeast of Houston and the houses there range from a used house in a decent neighborhood for about $90,000 to a really NICE house in a great neighborhood for about $135,000. When I lived there, anyone who lived in a house over $100,000 was wealthy...we sold our 2200sq ft. 3/2/2 house in a great neighborbood for $90,000. It had landscaping, a $10,000 sunroom addition, sprinkler system, ceramic tile, nice yard on a great street. Hell, I still miss that place....especially since it will run you about $200k for the same type of house here in Nevada. Property taxes are a bit more than here...actually, a LOT more. Several thousand more a year. And car insurance was a lot more. But it all evens out in the end. I miss the great food, the great entertainment, and most of all, the great people. What I don't miss is the TRAFFIC, the WEATHER (namely the humidity), and the air quality.

Check out http://www.realtor.com and check around the Humble/Kingwood area in the search option. Any neighborhood that says Atascocita Pines, Pinehurst, Shores, Oaks...those were all the upper class neighborhoods. And just about anywhere in Kingwood is nice.


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Three years ago we built a 2000 sf home for 90K. The same house now builds for 130K or higher depending on the area...Dallas County higher than the Fort Worth areas.

Now in my area which is a 'burb of Fort Worth, it is about 110K to build a 1250 sf new home on a 80 x 120 ft lot.

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