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My home care agency is looking at changing the way it compensates the nurses from hourly to salaried. Has anyone had experience with nurses being paid by salaried positions and what do others think of this idea.

Thanks, Orin


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have never heard of salaries within nursing for anything other than nursing admin. I'd be a little wary of it - what about overtime? holidays? etc...?

What is the reason for doing it?


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Salaried sounds NICE. Hmmmmmmmm?

You get to give them all the work they want out of you, and in turn YOU get ONLY WHAT YOUR CONTRACT CALLS FOR.

How sweet that would be.....only 10 home visits a day and maybe 6 or so on a Saturday and Sunday on call and then right back to 10 a day........wow and you would NEVER have to worry what your deposit slip would read.....it would always be that SAME SALARY!


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I'd go back to waitressing with tips first...... :)


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I Love my profession and wouldn't want to do anything else. That said I'd be out of it quicker than you could blink if "someone " decided I should be paid a salary. I work hard for my money and I expect to be paid for every hour I work.

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We have both hourly and salaried positions at the hospita lI work at for non admin RNs. Salaries work best under the following conditions. First it should be utilized for a fulltime position only.

Secondly the salary should reflect historical earnings including OT and other "extra pay" that was added into hourly employees earnings. If this isn't done then your admin. is just trying to lower costs at your expense.

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