Hourly Rate for OR Nurses?

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Does anyone know the hourly rate for an OR Nurse (Clinical Nurse III) with more than 10 years of Nursing experience in the Knoxville, TN or Charleston, SC areas?

check salary.com

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I think Nurse.com (or was it Advanced for Nurses?) just came out with their annual salary survey.

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I think that a CNIII should be making between 35-55 an hour. This is based on what I have seen in our hosp in NC.

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34-55. That's a big gap.

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Truly it is a big gap. But the way that salaries are weighted in NC is largely based on experience. If a new CNIII gets promoted from CNII, then it is of course on the small end of the scale, and if they have been a CNIII for a number of years, it goes up. It is next to impossible to get a CNIV in my institution unless you are directly involved in management; thus the gap in pay. Most nurses do not want to be in management and are satisfied with the CNIII tier. I hope this explanation helps some.

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