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6 hour layover at the LAX - enough time to get Livescan?

:geek: Taking a last minute vaca in 2 weeks and I may purposely arrange for a long layover at LAX, looks like 6 hours is the longest. I think that will be enough time to jump in a cab and get my fingerprints taken? as long as the scanning is nearby, like, within a few miles? And as long as the cabbie drops me off at the gate upon return. I don't know anything about traffic at LAX and I'm not sure how long it will take to get Registered/scanned. too risky?

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The California DOJ has a list of LiveScan sites. As long as you have the paperwork filled out, they can do it, usually fairly quickly. It shouldn't require that you to to a Sheriff's or Police station, just go to one of the sites on the DOJ list. If they're not on that list, chances are very good that they don't/can't do LiveScans. Those sites will NOT have the paperwork for you, they consider it your job to provide the completed paperwork for them to process.

Make sure that you bring payment in whatever they require for processing as some places may or may not allow you to pay with a credit/debit card or personal check.

It might also be good to call ahead and see if they need you to make an appointment as well...

I've had to have my prints done a few times over the years, and fortunately for me, there's a place that's about a mile from home that I usually use, as long as I'm not required to use a specific site. Only two "scans" that I've had required that. The BRN doesn't care where you get the scan done, as long as it's from a DOJ approved place. There are lots of them around.

You would be safe with a 90 minute layover!

Thanks guys!! I'll look into the nearest legit site and go for it. The biggest Int' airport that I frequently use is O'Hare and I would not attempt leaving O'Hare for something like this bc the traffic is always horrific. I once sat 2 hours in standstill trafficwhen I was 2 miles away from O'Hare. I wasn't sue if LAX was as bad.

You have enough time to catch the city buses! Either from the parking lot or a short walk to Sepulveda Blvd. if you are lucky with Livescan vendors, you can just walk to Westchester.

But iI would suggest catching the bus to a Livescan provider in Santa Monica and walking back to Venice Beach. You will recognize a lot of familiar movie and tv locations. Not far from there back to the airport.


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6 hours? You'll have time for Livescan, lunch and a movie premiere, lol.

My Livescan experience while on vacation in L.A. ... 35 minutes in and out, that included wait time. Not a bad investment of time I think.

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Thank u all for making me feel better about this!!