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I have a weekly 10 hour clinical on a medsurge/cardiac unit this summer. I'm not very happy about it, but I know that there's nothing I can do but try to do my best and get through it. I never had this long of a clinical before, so does anyone have any tips or advice on how I can get through it?

Not only do i have this clinical, but I have two other 7 hour hour clinicals weekly. Therefore, my schedule is pretty jam packed for this summer, including all my other lecture times.

Will anyone else be going through the same thing this summer?

Well, you'll likely be doing 12 hours once you graduate so it's a good way to start to get used to. I recommend brining lots of food ^_^

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Most of my clinicals have been close to 12 hours so that's normal to me. This summer will be my preceptorship which will be three 12 shifts a week, possibly night shifts.

In our third semester we have 9 hour clinicals, 3 times a week in addition to 3 lecture classes every week. I think it's pretty standard.

I'd sleep when you can, eat well and try your best to take good care of yourself :)

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