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I’m a student at Hostos Community College, I’m starting this discussion for anyone that is applying for Hostos’ LPN or RN program in Spring 2023. I’ll be taking Microbiology (bio310) during the first semester of the  program . When are you guys going to take the TEAS? Because the last day to take it is November 15th. 

Hey! I’m planning on taking the TEAS next year, but as a liberal arts and science student, I’m completing the pre-reqs for the program. But how are you planning to take the TEAS? do you have to pay or is there an application to request to take the TEAS at Hostos? I’m not a pre-nursing student so I’m confused


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Hi, I took my TEAS remotely from home on November 9th . I registered on the ATI website and paid $125 then I sent my TEAS transcript to Hostos. I’m just waiting for  their decision now . You may also take the exam at a testing center too. 

Thank you for the information! How hard was the test?


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The science section was hard I got a 77 overall on the test test . Science was my lowest score which was a 70 . I believe I would have done better if I had more time to study. I only studied for about a week . Before that I would do problems periodically on the ATI app. 

That's a good score, mainly when you've only studied for a week! I hope you get into the program! Good luck, and let me know if you do get in! 🙂


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Thanks.  I’ve been trying to find out when acceptance letters go out but no one knows . 

I'm sure it will take a while to hear back! I'm currently studying for the TEAS, and I hope I can get into the program next year in fall


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Hi @Julissa1289  I got a similar score and pray I get into the program to start in January!! I had advanced scores in Math and reading but my science and English language were only proficient.  I ran out of time for both with about 3-4 questions left.  I just keep telling myself, I know I got in with my 3.9gpa.  


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I’ve spoken to a few nursing students in the program now and it seems as though we have a good chance most had TEAS scores around 75. 
I had a 82 in reading , 79 in math 70 in science and 78 in English and language usage, the questions about correct sentence structure really tripped me up in the English section . My GPA is a 3.87 hopefully I get all A’s this semester then my GPA I’ll be a 3.93 but chemisty is killing me . 

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Hi, you can message me at (516) 879-8441


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