i see all these posts from people but most are from out of state. I'm from Sacramento. the hospitals i know about are Mercy, UC Davis, Sutter Memorial, Kaiser, Methodist, and Shriners. We took my little sister to Shriners when she cut her arm and the whole place was super clean and very well organized unlike other hospitals we go to when we have an emergency. I'm pretty sure ADN's are not hired there, but would it be hard to get a job as an RN there? What hospital do you all think would be a good long term job. I am mostly looking into Labor & Delivery..

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A RN is a license, not a degree. A RN can have an ASN or BSN. CA is a heavily impacted area, so your best bet is going to be contacting the HR dept at the hospitals and see what they hire.


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Are you taking pre-requisite courses now for a nursing program? It's extremely difficult to give you much of an idea about job possibilties when it seems it is going to be several years (at best) before you would be eligible to apply.

Aside from that, just as a general FYI, California is a VERY crowded State where RNs are concerned. It's hard to get a job there regardless of degree, and you wouldn't expect to get a L&D job without a fair amount of prior work experience. It's pretty common to see a year or two of a strong med-surg background as an eligibility requirement to even apply for L&D. Not always, I know someone is going to say they were hired straight out of school for that, but realistically, it's uncommon.

There are those who will say it's outdated thinking (requiring good med-surg experience first), but if the unit you want is requiring it, anyone else considering it 'outdated' doesn't much matter. Experience typically trumps inexperience, ESPECIALLY in California.


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Considering that Shriners does not have a labor and delivery unit, it will probably be very difficult to land a position at Shriners working in L&D.

Focus first on becoming a nurse, then landing a job, then trying to get into your desired specialty, then to your desired hospital. What's desirable by then may be different than what's desirable now.

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You've already posted a thread on this topic. I'm not quite sure how posting another thread is going to get you any answers different from the one you've already posted.

California new grads currently have close to 50% unemployment. I believe that average time for new grads getting their first job is close to 18 months. Labor and Delivery is a very popular specialty, so you need to factor that into the equation as well.

You are putting the cart before the horse. Get your BSN, then start thinking about what hospital you want to work at.