Hospitals going paperless, not fast enough.

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You can tell by my topic, that I am one for paperless, can't wait. I still continue to see (the paper rats) print all the info from the computer, just to look at it in black and white @_@'. Get use to the computer and don't be afraid of the little monster.

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My home care agency went to an EMR 9/1/2002 --day I became Central Intake Manager. 4 RN's quit and went to an agency that was on paper; 3yrs later that agency bought out and went to EMR. 18months ago I implimented fax server and electronic processsing of referrals using Paperport software. Knew it would decrease costs paper and ink supplies but 75% noise reduction along with decreased stress over never running out of toner unexpected. :D

Can't wait till we get access to physician practices electronic portal in 2013 then no further printing of demographic sheets within 2 yrs auto import into my database is planned.

Some of the toughest RN's to learn the EMR software are now first in line with laptops are proghtin for database upgrade. New laptops with aircard being rolled out will have auto upgrade capability.

10yrs later, I NEVER want to go back to the mounds of paper cluttering my office.

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I just started working part time in my doctor's office helping scan in documents to EMR, but the process is going slow. I still spend most of my day pulling and putting away charts. We couldn't find one kid's chart for three weeks and he needed his immunization records for college. What was the plan if we couldn't find it? Thank goodness for computers.

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