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The hospice I work for almost never approves the use of a CADD pump for the administration of morphine due to the high cost of using a pump. I feel that sometimes we are providing inadequate pain... Read More

  1. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Quote from Katillac
    .... don't think that if you have a home situation where you think diversion is an issue that it's not possible to divert out of a CADD pump. My professional experience has shown me otherwise.
    Agreed--those sufficiently inclined to get drugs however and whenever will not stop at robbing the terminally ill, nor would they let a little think like a lock stop them.

    Some things we cannot control and must simply resolve to do our best and let go.
  2. by   Sabby_NC
    I have used many pumps of late and I like them very much.
    We use Gemstar pumps. Easy to use and families find them easier to use and change over the bags etc.
    I like them because pts are not peaking and troughing with their pain levels. Pain is controlled much more on a steady level.
    I have a Fentanyl infusion at present and recently had a Dilaudid infusion. I am considering a Morphine infusion for one of my other cancer patients if her pain is not settled after this last increase in her MS Contin.
    The Gemstar allows the patients to have continuous BG infusions with boluses that pts can give when and if required.
    They are small and do not impede in the way too much so patients can get up and move around, if possible.
    I agree to go the oral or PR routes first but these SC infusions are good too!
  3. by   scruffydog
    continuous ambulatory drug delivery
  4. by   grace111
    Can anyone help me with procedure for connecting a CADD pump to an epidural line?
  5. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Quote from grace111
    Can anyone help me with procedure for connecting a CADD pump to an epidural line?
    I believe I would get as much hands on support from the CADD supplier and/or (and maybe preferably) the pharmacist involved.