hourly pay?

  1. I am looking online at salary websites and forums to get an idea of what I can expect in this specialty. How much are you guys making? Do any of you guys make 40+ an hour? Do you guys get benefits with the agencies you work for- retirement/health insurance... ?
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  3. by   vampiregirl
    The hospice agency I work for is associated with a hospital. Our wage scale is the exact same as for an RN who works in the hospital. Also, benefits are the same as for hospital RN's.

    Our wage scale is very competitive to the other nursing opportunities in our areas.
  4. by   blexxer
    Where are you located in us? Also do you visit their homes or do you work at a hospital.
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  5. by   nrcnurse
    I have been a hospice nurse for 11 years. The only time I've been paid more than the "base rate" was when the weekend team had trouble finding staff. That gig paid $50/hr and it was sweet! Otherwise, working overtime as a Travel Hospice Nurse I make $48/hr. $40/hr for a Hospice position is rare.
  6. by   RN_SummerSeas
    When I was located in MA I made $35/hr in hospice but did not start that high. I am currently in NC and the pay is much less. I have been quoted $24-30/hr with my degree, certification and experience...so it really depends on where you will work.
  7. by   as4304
    I work as a hospice case manager in Philadelphia. I had two years nursing experience when I started hospice and was offered $38/hr
  8. by   Grasshopper11
    Personally, I think we should just go salary with time and a half for overtime. Currently, we have to fill out logs for everything we do and turn them in to get paid.
  9. by   LeO rN bSn
    Depends. Here in Northern California, particularly in the Sacramento County, I can name major hospice companies, both independent and those affiliated to hospitals.

    Vitas usually offers $35/hr, less if you are not an RN but I think they started just hiring RNs now. Pretty big, last time I heard, they have 400-600 patient census. I actually think they are the biggest in Northern California.

    Bristol, I think, goes pretty much that route about $30-$40/hr, plus they have a $1000 sign-in bonus. Just saw that in an ad.

    Kaiser offers the biggest, I think they start at $55-$65. But their hospice is small and it is hard to get in, unless you already know someone that can recommend you and even that is not sure. Mostly they only offer per diem. I know someone there that said they have been asking the management to expand hospice services and hire more but so far it was a no-go. They've been sending the patients that they can not handle to Vitas, Bristol (though I think they are having issues with them right now) and Sutter, and that is actually a lot of patients.

    Sutter offers around $45-$55. They are bigger than Kaiser, hospice-wise, and like Kaiser, your chances of getting in is better if you have good experience and/or you know someone that can recommend you and vouch that you are a good RN.

    Mercy/Dignity Health also offers $40-$55. Its easier to get in compared to Kaiser and Sutter, but based on my experience 3 years ago and those of other nurses in facilities, they have the worst support and service among all of the above. I do not know if that changed already.

    Again, this depends on your experience. They usually want at least 2 years of relevant experience, better if it is home health or hospice experience. They all offer mileage. Best benefit is usually Sutter and Kaiser. I think only Sutter offer retirement and they pay for it for their employees and you get vested in 2-3 years.

    Those are usually the big hospice companies. There are other smaller companies and those that just started. There is Snowline, Hospice of the Valley (I think they got acquired by Sutter), etc. This is just for the Sacramento County/some Northern California. I believe its different down south.
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