Anyone's 1st job in hospice?

  1. I am an 'older' student scheduled to graduate an RN in May. I very much would like to be a hospice nurse. The particular hospital I'm interested in has had a hospice nurse job vacancy for about a year now. I know it's a good department with wonderful people.

    Do you think there's any way they'll hire me as a graduate nurse? I have a lot of life experience and maturity and love nursing the sickest pts and their families. I would much rather go straight into hospice than med-surg (I'm doing my clinicals at this hospital -- they have a 10:1 ratio on the floor!) or ICU, although I'd do that if I need to.

    Thanks for your advice, and if you think I might have a chance, say a prayer for me because I've already left a message for the recruiter about it!
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  3. by   suzy253
    Not really sure about the particular hospice you are referring to but as a new grad myself going thru orientation for med surg, we had a guest speaker talk about hospice nursing and I inquired about experience required and it was 1 year med/surg.
    Good luck to you. I'd eventually like to get into hospice nursing myself.
  4. by   doodlemom
    We have hired new grads and some have worked out fine. If this is for an inpaitnet unit, you would have a lot more support. If it's for case management/home care, you will be required to be very autonomous - which may not be the best thing for a new grad.
  5. by   river1951
    I would actually advise against hospice being aanyones' first job. 2 reasons for this- the more experience with sickness you get before beginning hospice really pays off- whether it's intensive care or oncology, it will prepare you well. Secondly, most younger nurses just don't have enough life experience. Just as I wouldn't want to see my 18 year old be a cop, I wouldn't want to see most 22 year old new grads be a hospice nurse. There are however, exceptions to every rule. Most of the nurses I know in hospice have felt "called" to be here. If it's meant to be, our higher power will help make it so...
    Thanks and best of luck and life to you!
  6. by   incognito
    :spin: I think it would be ok for you to start out with hospice as a new graduate. It is true though that you really should get general nursing experiences before that though. I have only been a nurse for 4 years and the first 2.5 years I was on med surg. I am now a hospice travel nurse. The experiences I gathered from med surg have helped me become more secure in my assessment skills. I love hospice!!! I am glad you do as well. It is truly rewarding! Pray about it and work hard! Maybe you could do hospice prn and med surg for a while and then go straight into hospice. Just an idea! Good luck to you!!! Jen