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  1. Hi everyone!As my username indicates I'm an RN now (graduated a few months ago), but have close to 10 years of experience as LPN, including hospital, ambulatory surgery, clinical research, home health, and hospice. Hospice has always been my passion since LPN school, and as an LPN I've done mainly crisis care (about 3 yrs experience).I still work PRN with clinical research, but want to get back to hospice. I just interviewed with a local hospice. They were willing to offer me a CM FT position, but i declined not just due to commitment of hours (small children, etc) but I told them I think it would be prudent to work as an RN first, doing visits, admissions, etc, to experience that mindset and skills as opposed to the one i have doing CC as LPN.They cross-train for regular visits, admissions, and crisis care. According to them, they have 2 oncall nurses who only take calls.I'm a bit unsure about pay... They offered 25/hr (this is PRN, so no benes) plus mileage.Do you all think this is fair pay? I'm excited beyond measure! I love hospice and for me it's a ministry, not just a job. But I was just wondering if they're taking advantage of me for being a new RN and in love with the specialty.What are your thoughts? About pay and about transitioning slowly into case management?Thank you so much!
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  3. by   CMLPNnowRN
    Wow! No responses?!
    Anybody from another state willing to give any input?

  4. by   tewdles
    I will say that the pay you were offered is below that seen in MI, OH, and, of course, AK. It may well be typical for FL, my mom and cousin were nurses in FL and they reported terrible pay scales in the state.On call nurses are generally paid an hourly stipend to carry the pager and are then paid an hourly rate while out in the field or working on the phone.Good luck.
  5. by   LookUp2Sky
    Hi CM - I think if you truly want to return to hospice, you can negotiate with them. For new grads (RN's) that may be comparable. However, I wish more credibility would be given once in a while, to LPN experience!

    If I were you, and you are impressed with the company, and they do not have high turnover, I would negotiate the sticking points. Ask them for six weeks orientation, and maybe $26.50/hr, since no benefits. Remember too, that gas reimbursement is tax-free income (so to speak-lol). They can always negotiate back, but at least you put it out there.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   CMLPNnowRN
    Thank you both for taking the time to answer I'm really excited about getting back to hospice nursing and hopefully this will be a good experience.Blessings!
  7. by   rachel33138
    I have been an hospice nurse for about 4 years. Even though you are a new grad $25 i wayyyyy too low for PRN. It is a good starting salary for full time but not PRN. You need to negotiate your LPN experiences because that count as well.

    Good Luck.