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Hospice...my calling???


I recently had a case that proved to me I have found my calling.

Pt was a young MD. Hubby was a MD. Both were physician instructors! I was SCARED TO DEATH of making a mistake. Pt really should have had a RN hospice nurse but because hubby was constantly at bedside (at home) they allowed a lowly ol' LPN have the case. Dx: Uterine CA, mets all over, 10L oxygen, SAN Tx, TPN, all med's IV or IV push, 25mg Dilaudid drip c 1.5mg q5minutes, 2mg Ativan q4h, foley cath, hemautria, I could probably go on forever.

Even though she was unconscious, together they taught me more than I could ever learn in a class room or on clinicals.

After 5 days of loving on her, and being hubby's right hand, she left us. She passed when I was not working so I did not get to say goodbye.

The following day, I went back to their home to give my regards, and for my closure. When hubby answered the door he told me "My family and I believe that you are an angel. Thank you for coming here and helping us."

We both embraced and he cried like a baby in my arms.

I thank God for giving me this gift. I am not exactly sure what it is, but I feel it and I know it is my gift.

Hospice Nurses....we ROCK!:heartbeat


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What a beautiful story. Hospice is SO rewarding.

I have always, during my nursing career, tried to look at each patient with the attitude of "What is this patient supposed to be teaching me?"

This has helped me tremendously over the years...instead of dreading a patient, or fearing that I can't take care of them, especially the difficult ones....I try to turn the situation around....not even that I am there for the patient, but that they are there to teach me something.

Sometimes it is very hard to see what I am being "taught", but I know deep down that one day the message will be clear to me.

Such an honor and a privilege, isn't it? I can't imagine doing anything else. We DO rock!

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You are so right, it's not always about what we can do for the pt and family, but what they teach us. Such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it.