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Hospice on call 7 on 7 off experience?

by Misty Cousins Misty Cousins (New) New

Just looking for some friendly advice. I currently work in a hospital. I have three immunocompromised kids that have to be homeschooled. Our new manager is revamping how we are scheduled and her new idea won't work for my available childcare. I'm going to have to switch jobs.

There is a hospice job open. It's 7 on 7 off on call M-F 5p-8a and all weekend. I've never worked hospice but am willing to try something new. I'm looking for insight from someone that has done this. Are you usually out all night most nights? How did you like it? Just trying to find something that works well for my kiddos. I've always worked in a hospital S-T so that they have consistency (two have anxiety disorders and OCD).

You might get more answers if you also post this in the Hospice/Palliative section.

vampiregirl, BSN, RN

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Hospice is an amazing area of nursing! Of course, I'm probably a little (lot?) biased because I'm a hospice nurse...

In answer to your question, there are multiple things that factor in to "what it is like": hospice census, geographic area, is there a triage nurse taking calls or are you taking them as well, will there be scheduled visits or admissions for you to do on call, what are the charting requirements, do you have back-up, is the pay hourly or salary. These are just a few questions that come to mind...

Please don't hesitate to ask questions and visit the hospice forum as well!

cardiacfreak, ADN

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I am an on call nurse working 7 on and 7 off. Some weeks are worse than others. I have been out all night several times even with a back up nurse assisting. I do PRN visits, scheduled visits on weekends, death visits and after hour admissions.

Like vampiregirl said, it depends on census and territory. My weekly mileage averages 750 miles. I have driven more than 200 miles in one night.

That being said, I love hospice and cannot imagine working acute care ever again.

I know a lot of nurses that liked the on call position but it did not work well with their family time.