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I recently interviewed at a hospice agency and was wondering if anyone can tell me if this sounds reasonable/managable?

RN with a total of 10 hospice patients. Must see each patient at least one time per week (8-5 monday thru friday) and possibly more depending on acuity/pt and family needs. RN is responsible for case management as well. RN is on weekend call every 5th weekend. RN is on back up call 2 times per week with LPN on primary call. This is a salary position with mileage included and on call pay additional.

Also, can someone explain what the difference is between case management and field RN? It seems to me that they are one in the same but I do see that some companies have RNs hired as case managers



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I think this sounds reasonable except I have always gotten paid for mileage. Being on call two nights a week seems a lot so they must have several LPNs? The places I have worked were small so field RNs were also RN Case Managers. A case manager will supervise the work of an LPN and document their work through supervisory visits. Case managers attend interdisciplinary meetings on the pt load and document the plan of care ongoing. My first job after two years of unrelated experience I was bringing home about $2200 every two weeks which worked out to about $67k a year even though my base pay was $57k. Good luck.


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Thanks for your response! Sorry, meant to write mileage and on call pay in addition to base pay. Mileage is not included in salary


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This sounds like a great deal. I have a 20 pt load mix of hospice and palliative care and some need to be seen 3 times a week. I get 2 admits a week and case manage and am in the field for all the patients.

I am assuming you also have social workers and chaplains?