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I have a lot of experience in dialysis, both acute and chronics. Recently took a job with one of the Big Two, at a chronic unit.

The pay is great, the techs are good, but nurse preceptor and FA constantly belittle and criticize me. (They are relatives of each other).

My experience at this job has affected my confidence in myself as a nurse.

If I even ask a question, I am put down. Today, I was verbally humiliated in front of others staff at a meeting. Other team-members brought it up to me afterwards expressing sympathy and saying "She better not ever talk to me like that."

I see that I am being held to a higher standard than peers as far as charting, and productivity are concerned.

I am also expected to open and close- working 14 to 16 hours a day.

Other nurses are only expected to work 12 hrs. I was told at the interview that shifts are 12 hours.

The commute is an hour each way. I'm told that most of the nurses who have left have told the FA that it's because of the long commute, but that they really left because of how they were treated,

I've been a nurse for 26 years, and this job has been one of the worst I've ever had.

This job is a $30,000. per year pay increase from my last job, but I'm learning that it's not worth it.

There are local acutes positions open within the company, but policy states a team member must be with the company for six months before applying for another position.

Pay and bennies are very good, don't want to leave the company, just this particular unit.

Any words pf wisdom?

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Hang in there the best you can for 6 months, then transfer out and don't look back! Good luck, a person's sanity is not worth it

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You are billing them for the overtime, right? I hope you're hourly and not salaried. How long have you worked there so far? How much longer till the 6 months are up?

I was hourly, and had only been there two months.

During the latest brow-beating and put-down session over the phone on Saturday, I gave my two weeks' notice.

The mgr was so shocked- this from someone who told me "There are other units you can transfer to..I have invited people to leave this unit" when I told her that I needed to be allowed to take notes on orientation info. She and her relative have both told me repeatedly to stop taking notes when being instructed on how to navigate any of the three computer systems used at the unit.

She told me "Only two weeks' notice?! That's so unprofessional! I can't believe you're just going to jump ship!" Huh? I'm a regular staff nurse, two weeks' notice is the professional standard!

And why would someone whose communication with me was primarily to tell me how inadequate I am be surprised that I quit?

Being called "unprofessional" by a manager who leads with threats, insults, verbal tirades, and who comes to work with exposed back tattoos really pissed me off.

She also said that because I did not "fulfill my obligation" to complete my orientation, that my two weeks' notice was not valid, so I would be "terminated" on Monday. Does this mean I'm actually being fired? I don't know.

There is an opening in acutes, and I contacted that manager. Because my two weeks' notice is not being honored, she told me I would need to apply through the web site "and go through the hiring process." Is this encouraging? I'm so confused right now.

I've been a nurse for 26 years, and have never had an experience like this.

I am unemployed for now, but feel so relieved to not have to go back.

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(((Hugs))) so sorry to hear that, it's very unprofessional on her part! Good luck on the acutes. Let us know how that works out

I'd call corporate and hr and let them know ALL of this... they dont take that stuff lightly.. might save the next poor soul who comes in after you..

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You might also be eligible for unemployment. That'll get corporate attention, since it's their premium that'll go up.

She also said that because I did not "fulfill my obligation" to complete my orientation, that my two weeks' notice was not valid, so I would be "terminated" on Monday. Does this mean I'm actually being fired? I don't know.

In a state I used to live in (liberal New England state, but also a right-to-work state), if you handed in your two weeks' notice and were subsequently terminated because of that, the company was legally required to pay you for that time (because your two weeks' was considered a legal document of your intention to work) AND you were eligible for unemployment benefits because you were wrongfully terminated.

Did you sign a contract stating that you couldn't quit until you had completed orientation? If so, the above probably won't apply to you. But if you did not have a clause in your contract that states that, do some research on your state's laws and go talk to HR because what your boss did is potentially illegal.

I am in a right-to-work state, and did not have a contact.

I consulted a lawyer online, and was told that since I only intended to work for two more weeks, and Unemployment payments start after one week of unemployment, I would be eligible for one week, total, of unemployment payments.

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