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Hoping To Become L&D nurse. Please help!

by Freezetime29 Freezetime29 (New) New Pre-Student

Hello Nurses! 
I am a 33 year old mom of 3 kids, haven’t been in school since HS and I’m about to take the leap of starting for my BSN. 😳I’m terrified but excited. It’s always been my dream to be a L&D nurse and I’m wondering if it’s hard to get into that field? Also is there a way to only work day shifts or will everyone have to rotate night shifts. I’m trying to prepare and make sure this is even possible to achieve with my busy life with 3 kids but my youngest will start school in 3 years and then all 3 will be in school full time and I want to have something I’m working towards as a career in the meantime. I would love to hear from any L&D nurses especially if you have kids. I’m nervous I will spend the years in school and then not be able to juggle it all. Thanks for any help, guidance or support! 

Nunya, BSN

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It all depends what's going on in your community hospitals as to whether you'll be able to get a L&D job, though I will say you might have an edge being older and having kids.  Of course they can't ask your age or if you have kids in an interview but it's pretty easy to figure out age and you can always find a way to throw in your kids (or not).  That being said I think you should prepare for the strong possibility of working nights. That's just how it is in hospital nursing.

Edit: and you'll work weekends and holidays, as much as every other weekend.  If you don't want to do that then get out now.  

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I know our labor and delivery only takes nurses with 2 years experience.  And yes, most places but new grads on nights.  It’s easier to learn.  

You are really going to have to research your job market and open your mind to other areas.  

RNperdiem, RN

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Very smart of you to ask before making a big investment.

A lot depends on your local job market. L&D is considered a very desirable nursing job. Day shift is even more desirable. If you look at most hospital systems, L&D is a fairly small department compared to the general medical and surgical floors. There are simply fewer jobs in L&D.

Landing a place as a new grad in a dayshift L&D job in a hospital near where you currently live is unlikely that you get all of what you want. You might get one of the three.

If you are willing to work outside of your desired specialty with the hope (but never a guarantee) to transfer after a few years experience in another department, that is a possibility.

@RNperdiem Thank you for the information! It has definitely given me more insight into the field and I wasn't aware of a lot of it. The night shift (in any department) just isn't going to be possible with our 3 kids schedules and husbands work schedule so I may need to adjust careers all together. This has been very helpful thank you!