Hoping to land cna job at a hospital...how to make it happen?

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Are there any additional certifications or training I can get as a cna to make myself more marketable for a position in a hospital? I'm about to finish my cna training and be looking for a job. I'm expecting to start rn school fall of '13 so I'd love to get some hospital experience. However, the cna positions at hospitals seem less numerous than in ltcf's and are more competed over. Since I'm new to the healthcare field (I.e. no experience) I'm afraid I won't stand a chance when applying at a hospital. So back to my question... Is there any other sort of training or credential I could get to increase my chances of getting into a hospital?

Unless you know someone the only thing you can do is gain experience in another facility and keep applying at hospitals until you get it. Network if you don't know anyone working in. The hospital. Most openings I've seen at hospitals want minimum 3years experienve :(

I agree with mrsmommy, network and maybe volunteer. I'm a new CNA grad and just got my dates for my state exam. I also have been looking at various hospitals in the area. From what I've seen here in Florida, some want phlebotomy and /or telemetry. Both are good to have, especially if you work in the ER or a Telemetry floor. Good luck!!!

When I worked at the nursing home, we had 2 extremely good nursing assistants. After 2 years of working full time at the nursing home, they were able to leave and get jobs at the local hospital.

Yes I agree with all the others, I am in AZ and they require at least 1 year exp. in that specific unit PLUS phlebotomy OR unit secretary program. You might be better off trying to work at the place you did your clinicals for awhile and then keep applying as you gain experience.

I just wanted to add, to get a PCT job here you have to finish Block 1 of nursing school as a minimum so if you are going to nursing school that may also be an option....

Landing a hospital job is tough, even if you do have exp. I also live in florida and job hunting is a job here. Networking really helps out and enrolling in a class like phlebotomy is a plus too. Each hospital has their own protocol. I just got hired at a local hospital as a pca (patient care assistant). It took awhile to get that 1st phone call. Keep applying, applying and applying. Even if you get rejected online. It will happen

i took a CNA course that was offered through a local hospital. i had to pay to take the course, but at the end of the course there was a "job fair" that everyone could attend. nobody was guaranteed a job, but you could walk up to any nurse manager's table and introduce yourself aka have an interview.

i got a job that way.

if you are about to finish your CNA training, i would go online and google "nurse recruiter for _______ hospital" and get their number. if the hospital in your area is called "st. mary's" then google "st. mary's nurse recruiter."

there will be a phone number and contact info. the same recruiter for RNs usually handles the recruiting for CNAs. they are the link between applicants and nurse managers.

call the nurse recruiter and say, "hi, my name is sarah davis. i am about to complete my CNA training. I start nursing school in the fall. I would like to gain some experience as a CNA in a facility that will help me later as a nurse. I was just wondering if you have any job fairs or advice on how I can go about applying for a job at your facility?"

they might have a job fair that isn't advertised on a website. hey, it can't HURT to do that! you've let them know that you're a CNA....you want a job...and you're eventually going to be a RN which nurse recruiters love to hear. even if they don't have a "job fair" they may very well take down your name and number to pass on to the nurse managers.

try it.

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