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Hoping there's no exception with the PoP uP!

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I know I've heard over and over that the good pop up is good news, and I believed it was, until it had to be my turn today. Well, first of all, I was so frigging nervous since I got my ATT two weeks ago that I literally rescheduled my test every single day till the very last 48 hrs to the date. Fast forward to last night, my anxiety level was off the roof, so much so that all I could do was cry and wish the world would just end, so I could escape this necessary evil called Nclex! Well, that didn't happen because I woke up is morning and got to my center 2hrs ahead of time, surprisingly though, I was all calm. Started my test and at first I was thinking this wasn't bad at all! Then came the ever popular SATA! First one wasn't bad, then the second and on and on like that after every couple of regular format question. Some, or let me say most of the questions I had no idea what they were asking, but one thing I noticed was that once you look at the options given, sometimes you'll be able to figure out the answer, and sometimes you'll be able to narrow it down to 2, then what I do was pick the option that looks a bit familiar to me even if it might not apply to the unknown word asked. Then computer shut off at 102 and I wasn't confident at all that I passed. I did the pvt and got the pop up, but thought it was too early since I didn't even get home first (had to park by the road to try). Well, now I'm doubting this pvt pop up even though I've tried at least five times more since I got home and is still the same pop up. God I really hope it wont be any exception now that it's my turn cos I already announced to all my friends and families that I passed! Thanks to the All Nurses Forum. You gave me confidence and the testimonies of fellow nurses was very helpful. The cheat sheet was wonderful and I believed it was what really helped me. I registered for the Kaplan, but I might have used it 15%. The only thing I took from it was the way to answer questions, plus it bears the same resemblance to Nclex, so you'll think you're still doing Kaplan test bank. Most of the time I think Nclex is not as bad as Kaplan and some of the times, worst than it. good luck to those yet to take the test. It's not as bad as we all dreaded!


would you say the questions and sata were straightforward?

what was your study plan like?

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I had a TON of SATA questions. 75 questions and computer shut off. This 48 hour wait might be the end of me....

I had a TON of SATA questions. 75 questions and computer shut off. This 48 hour wait might be the end of me....

Can't you do the popup trick?


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