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Hi all!

I wasn't sure where to share this feelings, so here it is. I became a nurse in 2017, I had a job waiting for me even before graduating, I was very fortunate. This job also offered sponsorship after two years working, so how many people could say that you could get the green card after that? All great, the place was good, I learned a lot, I enjoyed working with pediatrics, gave them all my heart and commitment to be the best they could possibly get. There was only one problem, after a while, there was only so much I could learn. I needed and need new experiences, learn new things, I felt stock in my career.

Now, I got my green card, I'm ready to fly but it's been frustrating trying to get another job, fine, I worked in LTC, but how about the fact that I'm passionate about my work, how about the fact that I can do anything anyone could teach me? how do I show it if all they see is your resume, which it's short to what I could actually do? I feel really stock. My family tells me to simply be patient. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Right now might not be the best time to make a career jump. Due to the covid-19 crisis, many hospitals have ceased hiring.

I started my career in long-term care. The job market was poor when I graduated. I made the jump to acute care when the job market heated up.

Currently, hospitals are on a tight budget. They are probably all losing money right now. They are furloughing nurses because so many services have been shut down.

You need to hang tight and keep an eye on the job. When the time is ripe, make your move.

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It is extremely difficult to move out of LTC and into most other things even when the economy is robust and we aren't under the influence of a pandemic. Doing so right now may be all but impossible. Many hospitals aren't hiring, are furloughing nurses, cutting hours and canceling orientations/residencies.

Keep applying, but get work where you can to support yourself and be patient. It may be quite some time before things start opening back up job-wise.

Thank you so much for the info, I feel better.