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Hello everyone, which is correct?

A nurse is caring for a client who adheres to kosher dietary practices. Which of the following foods should the nurse plan to offer the client?
A. Bacon and eggs
B. Chicken sandwich
C. Shrimp and French fries
D. Cheeseburger

Thank you

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tell us what your answer would be and the rationale

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B. Chicken sandwich seems to be the more logical answer to me. I just wanted to see what you all thought. Thank you.

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The chicken sandwich or the cheeseburger. Jews do not eat pork because they are cloven hooved animals that do not chew their cud. They don't eat shrimp because they do not have fins or scales. The animals that are killed are killed in a kosher slaughter, and salted prior to cooking/eating. 

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Do cheeseburgers have pork?

YourDaddyNurse2b said:

Do cheeseburgers have pork?

LOL --- a good one does have at least a little pork... such as a bacon cheeseburger..


According to Jewish dietary law, meat products are prohibited to be consumed with milk or products derived from milk, such as cheese. So a cheeseburger cannot be kosher. 

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