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We are in the process of transitioning from McKesson to HCHB. I had the impression HCHB was going to be sooooooo simple and less time consuming. ...well, im not seeing it...or not yet anyway. We had laptops with McKesson and use tablets with HCHB. However, we are still having to carry laptops to access the "back office" of HCHB. Theres a lot more actual typing then i anticipated. ..which is difficult on a tablet. What has your experience been with HCHB? Do you love it? Learned some time saving tricks you could share? We had very minimal training. ...hoping it's going to get better.....soon...

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I used that software for homecare...it was okay...we had to use it on a phone!!!

Please know that you are not alone.

Just went from paper to HCHB in January. Also have a very small tablet. Had next to nothing for training: 11/2 hr how to turn on and then two 4hr training sessions. Management/office staff were not trained on the tablet so we had no one to go to or ask a question, no tech support. There are some areas that really are redundant, no matter what...each and every time a question if pt is suicide risk, depression risk, need a translator? Even death and it asks if translator is needed.

Things that I would suggest: remember to only pick what is a specific immediate problem for care plan at time of admit. Otherwise it will go on and on with endless repeat questions that likely have little to do with pt need. I use the microphone and dictate as much as possible. Some purchased a keyboard that the tablet will attach to.

I haven't been on this site long enough to offer you to contact me privately. Please post here and I will reply. Good luck.

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I was the first one from our office to do an admit. Well, due to the lack of training i chose about 15 goals. Huge mistake. ...i know what you mean about redundant.. ...it rook me >10 h to complete and >2h for subsequent visits. I go almost insane when it asks a question then a box will open where i have to type an explanation. My second admission went a little better; however, i am still not a fan. HCHB is waaaaay more work than McKesson. ...and i dont see how its hospice specific. .. its funny to me the ones picking all this software dont even work in the field......


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In the past, I have used McKesson which I liked. I now am using Homecare Homebase and find it very tedious and time consuming. Our agency does not admit mothers and babies, yet the software always has you addressing them and explaining why you haven't chosen any goals.

If it thinks you haven't put together your plan of care very well, then you have to explain yourself within the exception box. The warning boxes come up if you have chosen what the program thinks is the incorrect selection and then once again, you have to explain yourself in the exception box. I understand it's trying to prevent mistakes, but honestly I feel like it won't allow me to do the thinking at all.

I don't really have any time saving tricks. It seems that I get a little faster the more I use it, but that's the case with any program.

I have to agree with you, I don't know why they have people selecting the software who don't work in the field.

By the way, do you know why your company changed from McKesson?

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We were a small, state wide hospice company who was recently bought out by the giant CURO. Even before we were bought out, the upper managment were talking about switching to HCHB because "McKesson isn't HOSPICE SPECIFIC". After the buyout, Curo agreed to continue with our previous managements decision to switch to HCHB. I have found out in the last few weeks, all of Curo's hospice companies use HCHB. As a matter of fact, HCHB said Curo is their biggest client. For months all we have heard, is how great and wonderful HCHB is, how we won't have as much charting to do, and have so much more time for Pt interaction. Simply put, that's BULL. I have only worked on HCHB for about 2 weeks, and I hate it. I have to agree, the system is very redundant. The same questions exist for several different interventions. One of our HCHB trainers said the system would not allow you to answer any of the same questions differently; therefore, avoiding any issues with Medicare (if we ever got audited). I call her bluff too, as it WILL ALLOW you to answer the same type questions differently. I have tried to use the microphone to dictate some of the endless typing, but I still find it frustrating, as I don't always have an internet signal (microphone won't work with internet access). I could easily look through McKesson for information when doing my IDG notes. It may be too soon to call, but I just don't feel as if things are going to be the same with HCHB. With McKesson, all my nursing director had to do was approve the CTI/POC. Well, she's going to have her work cut out for her with HCHB. I have a feeling she is going to be attached at the hip to the "back side" of HCHB. I just don't see how this program is "hospice specific".....In my opinion, McKesson was WAY MORE hospice specific than HCHB. There's no way for me to compare what another nurse documented on a previous visit when I am documenting on HCHB. Another thing I don't like is you have to get the Patient/PCG to sign when your visit is complete. Well, a true hospice patient shouldn't be able to sign (at least not ALL of them). Plus, I am not real crazy about everybody else having their hands/fingers all over my equipment. There's no way to distinguish ON CALL (as most of our nurses are paid a different rate on call - they are paid salary for daily/weekly work, and on-call for after hours/weekends). These are just some of my endless complaints related to HCHB. I am not a fan......too much work, too much redundancy, too time consuming. I personally think it's rude to sit in someone's home, especially someone who is dying, and just type, type, type, punch, type, punch, type........ HCHB trainers say "Get the patient involved in your charting".....OMG are you serious???? we are there for emotional support, compassion, companionship, active listening, and as an educator....I just don't see how that's possible with 45-60 min worth of questions........I WISH WE HAD KEPT MCKESSON........I am all for the concept "Keep it simple, stupid"....:banghead:

One of my favorite parts is when you get to the end of admit and the programs wants you to explain yourself regarding taking more than 2 hrs to do an admit. Unfortunetly there is no way of knowing what is everything is linked to. Soooooooooooo often it circles and circles. During a reg visit yesterday it asked for the 100th time if the pt needs an interpretor, suicide risk and then risk for suicide.

If you find frustration in the use of HCHB wait until it is also used as your time card. Once again absolutely no training from the company and my company spends plenty of time calling me on my day off asking what some 3 minute overlap of time is, but can't answer a simple question. It is horrid and there is no improvement to be seen. I am to log every minute of my day..........gas, bathroom....when I say every minute of my day, I have been asked about 4minutes of time. No one seems to be concerned with the 16hr day with no lunch and no breaks.

Is this what nursing is becoming? No one seems too concerned about the pt, the family or me...just making sure that they suck every minute out of me...

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Omg im looking a new job right away...I have always loved hospice just bc of the patient/nurse relationship. ..i cant live like that...This job is emotionally draining/stressful enough...i dont need some stupid computer to stress me out too. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Ive only worked with HCHB a few weeks and i despise it already, AND I see it coming (what you are referring to). I feel the program is redundant, not pt specific and EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING.Not to mention, a medicare auditors dream bc of redundancy. .the same nurse doesnt visit our pts every visit, so i can already sense trouble there as some of ours dont have the best assessment skills ....somebody else can have it bc its just not worth it to me....I CAN make a difference as a nurse, just not when people who dont even work at bedside continue to make stupid decisions r/t how these businesses are run.

Thanks so much.....

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One other thing.....whats up with all the numerical scales????!!!!?? Pain, depression, nausea, restlessness, anxiety, well being etc ...omg they are never ending! We are assuming they all work like pain scale? 10 is worst and 0 is none?

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The Edmonton scores can be helpful. It's nice when staff get oriented to their use.


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Agreed, I had to quit my job also. Too time consuming. They also have gps trackers on all computers and tablets. So they are watching over you all the time. Don't need big brother.


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Wow, that software sounds awful!! Our Hospice uses Healthwyse and we have laptops.