Home stretch!


Tuesday is the start of my final semester of my ADN.. "Senior leadership and multiple health problems" is how our school titles it.  I've heard from past students that it's not anywhere near as intense as the classes leading up to it and mostly just bringing everything together and NCLEX prep, tbh NOTHING could be worse than my peds block so I'm ready.. 

The biggest downside for me right now is my clinical schedule.  I have a M-F 7-3 job, my clinical is going to be Saturday and Sunday from 630-3p.  From the beginning of February through the middle of April, I have no scheduled days off.. 

I'm starting some of my work this weekend to try to get just a little bit ahead..



Honyebee, CNA

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I'm really happy for you. Enjoy your last semester.




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You got this! Good luck on your last semester ?

0.9%NormalSarah, ADN, RN

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That schedule is temporary and you will get through it! Enjoy your last bit of nursing school, I actually miss going to class and having my peers. Good luck!