Home health vs facility

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Does anyone just feel like they have no desire to work in a facility or hospital as a nurse?


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The title of your thread is comparing apples to oranges. One patient versus several is always going to be different on many levels.


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I feel that way a lot. I am a new nurse and I am curious about home health. I would way rather have 1-6 patients vs 25 patients. I heard it is good to get experience before going into home health but I wonder how true that really is....?


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Please keep in mind that when you are in a patient home there are no other medical professionals around to assist and collaborate with. Of course, even when others are around, it doesnt mean they will help you. Basic assessment skills, driving and map skills, patience and acceptance of choices that patients make are essential. You will spend lots of time calling doctors and RNs with reports and documenting. You will work in the uncontrolled environment of a patient's home. It is imperative that newly licensed nurses in home care receive a thorough training program. In my area LPNs usualy work in doctor offices, LTC or home care. All areas of nursing have good and bad aspects. The trick is finding what works for your personality, temperment, and family obligations. Best wishes as you start your career.