What's your pay for an LPN working HH? Just curious.

  1. I'm waiting to get into an LPN course and am thinking of doing HH. I'm in Ohio but am still curious about hourly wages for HH and being an LPN all over the country.

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  3. by   mrsorrwhat?
    I make $16.50 in Indiana. I too would be curious what other hh lpn's are making.
  4. by   kk2000
    $800.00 per week, up to 32 visits. Generally do between 20-30 visits. Over 32 is paid the per diem rate of $25.00 per visit.
    Lots of paperwork, doc calls, etc., but generally a job with lots of freedom, so you do need to schedule and use your time wisely.
    Hope this helps.
  5. by   caliotter3
    One agency offered me $17.50/hr plus mileage d/t they could not get anyone out to that particular case b/c of the distance. Another agency paid me $17/hr to start, then raised to $18 then to $18.25. It was about time to leave when I found out that someone else was getting $22/hr. A third agency paid me $22/hr. Private duty offered me $24/hr, but we settled on $23/hr. All of these amounts are congruent for the area's cost of living, home care, LPN level, however, the nationwide agencies that were not union would lower their rates after stabilizing in the area after awhile, and they will lowball anyone who is not aware (i.e., they stated that all LPNs started at $17 but after several yrs in the area, there were some people only getting $15).
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  6. by   vnightingale06
    LVN here, salaried $40,000/yr. plus $35/visit beyond 30 units in a week, plus free car, gas reimbursement and cellphone.
  7. by   pedsnrs1
    $16.50 in Illinois
  8. by   meagansmom
    15.91 an hour. 1 night a week on call and drive my own car and paid mileage.

    Looks like I need to go to work where some of you are !!
  9. by   nursesmiling
    Ive been a home care nurse for 12 years only my current salary is $16.80 here in alabama........should be more with that much experience dont you think???
  10. by   tweetsLPN
    I work for an agency in MI and make $35 per visit, an extra $10 for high tech visits(IV's,wound vac or large wounds,etc) and bonus $25 for visits on the weekend that are physician ordered. I also manage my own cases with the RN only comming out to see the patient for recerts/resume/discharges.
  11. by   nursekelly217
    In MA, $24.70/hr for 35 visits/week. $.40/mile reimbursement. On call about 1 week/month at $2/hr with per diem pay of $26.70 for on call visits or after hours visits. Also on call every 8th weekend. Could be better but could also be much worse. Paperwork takes a lot of getting used to and can't understand why RNs get cars and LPNs don't, since we tend to cover much larger territory.