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I work in a county agency in a rural area. The nurses may travel 50-100 miles per day. Average caseload is expected to be 20 - 25 with 4-5 visits being made a day. The agency tells us that other... Read More

  1. by   wenron
    I have 20 patients and have 4 credits per day. We are not using laptops. When we have an oaisis/admit (21 pages) it takes me at least 3 hours. I have 3 hours of paperwork in the morning before I even head out. We work 8 hour days, but I have over time often. I travel 40-70 miles/day
  2. by   karbyr
    the five visit per day quota came from a 2001 hhl healthlinks study
    the average mileage for the nurses was 17 miles per day (I wish). interestingly, mileage was "found not to be a factor" in how many visits a nurse could do.............what really boggled my mind, is that if you were to look at a statistical chart, my 100 plus miles a day wouldn't even fall on a plot line..........so how could they say it wasn't a factor????? this was supposed to be a well mixed group of rural and urban home health agencies???????
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Most Urban/suburban agencies will have you closer to 6-7 visits a day. While smaller or rural areas aim for 5 visits a day per my latest info from Home health line.

    A homecare "bible er insider" publication that most agencies subscribe to is Home Health Line or Eli's report. Ask your agency if you could read those publications as have latest CMS/ national statistical reports in it.

    Will look to see If I can find that info this weekend.
  4. by   c6borel
    our agency has case manager in the office who handle scheduling, insuranse approvals, calls to md ,review oasis,monitor labs collected sending results to md,and varies other tasks. the field nurses see 6-8 visits per day with recerts and admits counting as 2,dc 's or scic ,post hosp 1 1/2 with average 50 miles per day
  5. by   Teresa S.
    I work in the midwest. I do Maternal child. We do have laptops. We are salaried...so no overtime. I rarely do paperwork off hours, however our generalists who see adults do. Their productivity rate is 5.8. Ours is being raised to 6.4 though we are fighting it. Currently we do 6 per day. We do extra pay if we go over the expected number of visits. There are 4 of us who serve the county for maternal child and about and about 40 others who see the adult population. We also are on call 1 night a week and every 4th weekend. I am not wanting to increase my productivity however, so after 15 years may be looking elsewhere!

    If you would like more info, please feel free to PM me.

    I supervise the HHA q month
    We have to do HHA supervisory q 2 wks....is this reg or what??
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  6. by   expatrn
    I am new to this site and am already in shock. I read these posts over and over. Last week I saw 30 pts. and had one day of mandatory training, traveled 70+ miles. My car, my gas. Pts have my cell and home # and can call at anytime. Most paperwork was done 'after hours'. This is my first time in HH and I thought this work load was usual. Boy, do I feel like a fool. Thanks for setting me straight.
  7. by   Going80INA55
    I did HH nursing for awhile. I loved the freedom, but the paperwork was brutal.
  8. by   RoadWarriorRN
    In HH for last 12 years. Recently load getting worse......
    caseload = 25-30 pts, 6-7 visits per day + 1 admission, 100-150 miles per day. Paper work and phone calls at home til 8-9p. On Call 1-2 nights per week. Work q3rd- 4th w/e. All this and SALARIED!! Still love the job..........just have to sched time for my life! :hatparty:
  9. by   Little One2
    I just went back into community nursing. I make from 3 visits a day to ten visits. Some patients are daily, BID, or a couple of times a week. We don't get paid to do paper work at home. I may travel 50 km to 100 km a day easy. I refrain from giving my patients my cell phone or pager #. If they need me, they call the office, then the office pages me. I'm not on call for them for 24hrs. The last two weeks I work seven days in a row - 35 to 40 hrs. I find it very tiring.

    When I get home, I then make phone calls, do paper work, then go to bed.

    not very exciting - I need to get back into the hospital!!
  10. by   RoadWarriorRN
    No way would I go back to a hospital. Even though HH paperwork, phone calls, etc are horrible at least I can do it at home in my comfy chair with my kids running around. I can also usually work my visits so I can make a MD appoint or go to a school program..........no way was this possible at the hospital.
    Put in many more hours with HH but I have a lot more control.

    Take care
  11. by   kameerkids
    Quote from Ragin Cajun
    I see between 3-5 patients/day. We do not have a quota. I do not get mileage, but keep track of it for filing on income tax. I use my own car. I'm paid per visit so that I can take all the time I need to do my job, my way. I love my job !!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in my nursing career I do not feel stressed, feel valued and appreciated, and feel I give excellent care to my patients, as well as have the time to visit/talk that so many of them seem to need. RC
    What agency do you work for ? Im interested in homecare and speed is one of my weaknesses . Is getting paid per visit allow you to spend more time with your clients?
  12. by   AmPmRnoncall
    Hi Patti, I work for a hospital based pediatric homecare agency and drive about 15-200 miles a day with 5-7 visits per day. I cover rural/urban areas. I'm an hourly employee so I get paid for my travel time. As far as paperwork, I usually end up taking 1 night a week and working late at home. And I do charge for my time. Overtime was an issue and I got called for charting at home. I told my boss that I can't chart while driving and my case-load was so intense that I would be working 12 hour days if I didn't have an evening to chart. That issue was then put aside. My case load is from 20-40 patients. Depends on the season. I've been doing home-care for about 9 years and love what I do. I couldn't think about doing anything else right now in my career. I hope this helps! Please let me know if I can offer you any more suggestions.

    Lois.... RN
  13. by   lroche
    I am the Director of Nursing for a rural home health agency. Our case loads are between 20 and 25, but they seem to be going up. The RN's see between 5 and 6 patients per day and let me tell you - that's too many. We have had a recent flurry of activity which has pushed the number of patients seen to 5-6. Our LPN's see 6-8 patients per day. This is done with high mileage as well. The average used to be 4 patients a day and that was a good/manageambe day. But - you are right. When do you get your paper work done and when do you do case management activities? Unfortunately for you it sounds like administration is forcing you to see 5 patients per day. What happens to patient care? What happens to all the little things you must do in order to be a good case manager? I am in an admin position, but due to high case loads and many patients needed to be seen in a day - I am making visits myself to help out the nurses. Our intake patient care coordinator is also completing visits to help out. It is more important for me to keep my staff and provide good patient care - than to mandate nurses seeing a certain number of patients in a day. My nurses are busy - I know that and they don't have to prove it with seeing 5 patients per day. I think sometimes admin gets pressure from above - because profits are necessary to survive as well. The productivity goal I set for my nurses is 4 patients/day. If they don't make 4 ever day - oh well. I feel bad about your situation. I hope there's some resolve to it soon - or your agency's nurses (including you) will get burned out.