What is involved in your admits???

  1. I wanted to get a little more depth response on this.

    Our oasis is 21 pages.
    We have to fax the doctor/s
    fill out an aide order sheet
    fill out a therapy ref sheet
    fill out an RN continuity sheet
    fill out our projection sheet
    begin a case conf sheet to pass around
    fill out a med sheet and fax to our pharmacy
    make approp phone calls for ordering supplies, etc.

    This takes me 2 hours or more to complete just the paperwork. Plus I am in the home at LEAST 1.5 hours. Driving usually 20-30 minutes.

    Please spell out your admit and length of time.

    Thanks...we have staff nurses constantly complaining that when they have an oasis (new admit or RC) they have over time because this takes up their day, plus they have to see 4 more pt's.
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  3. by   hoolahan
    2 hours for the paperwork is ridiculous!! No offense to you!

    I basically "know" the OASIS by heart now, so I usually am able to get all the info I need from the pt just in my course of meeting them, finding out how they got into the hospital or came to be referred in the first place, and my assessment. I flip through it quickly just to be sure I didn't forget anything.

    I call the doc, I only fax if I have to.
    If there was no PT or other disciplines ordered upfront on the original referral, then I must complete a PT referral form. But more than one discipline can go on one form.

    If it is on the referral, all I do is leave a vm to the discipline secretary.

    For a HHA, I must also do a careplan.

    We just went to carepaths so now instread of one form we do 3, but it's is all check boxes, pretty fast and easy. It is a carepplan overview, a tracking form, one line, and our admit note.

    Med sheet of course, supply requests, medicare second payor form, consent, falls eval checklist, wound care sheet of needed.

    But, my new agency has an awesome OASIS which includes everything that would go on the 485, so all goals, visit freq, etc goes on there it is sooo easy, no seperate notes!! All the new agency woud do is
    Medicare second payor form
    Med list

    IF needed, a multipdiscipline referral form
    HHA care pplan

    Everything but everything in both of these agencies is a check off list whenever it is humanly possible. The care plaths are so comprehensive, sometimes I do not even have to write a narrative at all!

    Sounds like your agency needs to streamline some of the paperwork for you!!
  4. by   renerian
    I agree with hoolahan. I takes me two hours total for the visit and the paperwork. I do most of mine in the home so I do not have to play with it much more

  5. by   wenron
    Gosh, I would love to see your oasis. I wonder if we can swap to see eachothers. I am up for giving our agency some new ideas.
    Let me know if you'd mail your papers to me k?
  6. by   renerian
    I am doing some per diem but I cannot do that. Sorry......