What do I need to do be a HHN?

  1. I found out that I passed NCLEX today. Now, am looking for a job. Could anyone please tell me if someone who has no hospital experience can get into Home Health Nursing? What are the reputable agencies in Los Angeles, CA? I'll appreciate if anyone can share with me tips on how to get into this niche. Thanks a bunch. Have a wonderful day!

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  3. by   renerian
    That may be hard. Most require one year of experience. Call around and ask if they have new grad preceptor programs.

    Good luck,

  4. by   YOGI_NAMASTE
    Thanks for the quick reply. My Mom has this close friend who has her HHN Agency. My concern is that since I do not have any experience since school, I think I need a preceptorship. So I guess I can call the Agency and ask if they have preceptorship. What's the range in pay for a new RN in SoCal? I have many things to learn being a new RN. Oh Renerian, I also notice in your profile that you are now in Sales, what kind of sales? I'm a pharmaceutical sales rep now. Thanks a lot!
  5. by   renerian
    Yogi I sell incontinence supplies! I love it! I worked in home health for 11 years, a BMT unit for over 6 years and long term care for 3 years. I wanted something that would leave my weekends open for school. I am almost done with my MS degree program.

    Some of the bigger agencies have preceptor programs. The paperwork can be mind boggeling. Most preceptor programs in home health are six months to a year. Ask that. I don't know the pay rate in cali except for traveling home health which I did for awhile but it was to hard to do all that driving when you did not have a clue. I was working for a rural agency so there was alot of country roads.

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    I forgot to add. Ask if you are paid by the visit, by the hour or salaried. some that pay per visit do not pay for documentation time, office time or travel time. Ask for service area coverage to get an idea of how far you may need to travel. Ask about on call.

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    Thanks for posting that hoolahan.........

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    Congrats! I hope you get a wonderful job doing what you really like. That's so important.I hated hospital nursing, but LOVE school nursing! You will find your niche. Good Luck
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    Thanks for your feedback. Sounds like I really need at least a year of acute care. I'm looking for some job postings and most of them require BLS CPR. Where I can get this? I had one but it's now expired. Doesn't hospital provide the training for BLS or should I be certified first even before I apply for a job? Thanks and have a great day.

    Katscan, how did you become to be a schoool nurse? How many years of experience is required? Thanks!
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    Here in Indiana, no experience is required due to the RN shortage. I had an interview last week and this is what I was offered. (an new RN with no experience) I would go thru orientation (which pays $14.00 per hour), then work with a preceptor. They start you out with 2 clients (part time) and no benefits. While you are working part time, you are paid per visit. ($25.00 and this includes road time, paperwork time, and mileage). One hour per visit is supposed to be sufficient to cover client time and paper work. As you gain experience, they increase your workload up to full time with benefits. The full time pay is $16.00. As far as weekends I would work one a month and be on call one a month. I declined the job due to the fact that they were only going to pay around a fifth of my insurance and it was only going to be available to me if I worked 40 hours. They told me that right now, home health in Indiana is not the place to work if insurance is a major factor in one's job selection. So, if you interview for a HH position, be sure to check out the insurance coverage! :-)
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    Thanks for the info :-)