Trying to work in home health

  1. Hi I am a med surg rn with over 10 yrs of exp. I am trying to work in home health doing skilled visits but am having a hard time finding a job in Mass. I live 25 miles south of Boston. Right now all I am looking for is per diem. Currently I am working for 1 company that is mostly pedi, i would like to swich to more adults. Any advice? Thank you
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Move to Cape Cod. The VNA is always hiring.
  4. by   welch07
    I would love to move to cape cod but at this time un able to
  5. by   KelRN215
    What area are you in? I have several former colleagues who are working for an agency that is based in Needham but serves the South Shore and the Foxboro area.
  6. by   AnneP726
    I believe Steward is hiring per diem, we go from an office in Westwood to the most southern in Fall River, cover everywhere from New Hampshire to Wareham. A lot of work (as I'm pretty sure you have read on posts already) but the benefits are good and the work is steady.
  7. by   welch07
    I live in brockton. I am looking into either home health or home health travel nursing. I need to look into both more before i make the change. I just keep looking on this site and I love all the feedback I am getting thank you.
  8. by   welch07
    thank you for the message kelrn215 I will look in to those.
  9. by   Farmer at heart RN
    Pediatria is hiring they seem to have cases pretty much all over the state