Thinking about doing home care.....

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to the boards and a new nurse, I graduated in May 2002....I currently am working in a hospital. I am interested in doing home care as a part time job. I worked as a home health aide years ago and loved it. I live in Michigan, Ann Arbor area. I have a few questions:
    What kind of experiance do agencies usually require?
    Is there money to be made doing this part time? Or do you have to do tons of assignments?
    What types of things do you do on assignments?

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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    would suggest this thread... and browse this forum....

    most home care agencies require minimum of 1 yr recent med-surg....
  4. by   mekajay
    I am a recent graduate myself and have just interviewed with the HHA of our area. I have worked in homecare as a cna since 1993 and love having the time to give quality one on one care . The HHA are offering 6-8 wks mandatory orientation with more as needed and a nurse mentor that will meet with me regularly for the first year. I am 36 yo and have a daughter that is leaving for college in the fall. After going through nursing school and putting up with teachers from the land below hell, then the dreaded NCLEX, I am not sure that I want to deal with bad shifts, too many patients, and senior nurses that treat new grads like crap. I became a nurse because I want to work in Hospice care. The VNA offers me that opportunity after I have been with them and have more experiance. OK , since I am new here, I also want to thank all of you who are HHA nurses and post here. I have learned alot from reading your posts and am looking forward to adding things that I learn that may help one of you. Thanks
  5. by   renerian
    I worked full time and our pay was horrible. I would consider per diem with no opens.

  6. by   rosemadder
    Originally posted by mekajay
    I became a nurse because I want to work in Hospice care.
    We have something in common. I too became a nurse because I want to work in Hospice care. I was a Hospice volunteer which led me pursue nursing. I graduate in May and my tentative plans are to work on Med Surg for 6 mos.-1yr and then work for the Hospice in my area. Good luck to you.