1. I have been a RN for many years. I lived in Oklahoma and worked at a hospital for 20 years before I decided to follow many colleagues and start Home Health. I had some very special nurses who knew me from working at the hospital. It took 3 years before I felt myself being competent and independent.

    I moved with my fiancé to Fort Worth in 2010 and already on my 5th home health agency, There has been a definite pattern I have identified. Every thing seems "peachy keen" for about 3 months and then..... nose dive!!! Always centered around $$$ and fraud until I have to move on.

    I am not young and all this new job thing is more and more difficult to keep doing. I tried to go back to hospital nursing but learned that I did not have the "requirements" for the jobs since I have been working home health for the past 8 years.

    Feels like I am stuck and uncertain about "branching out" again. It always turns out the same.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    My, my. I can not understand why your story resonates with me! If you are anywhere near getting on in years, you may also be dealing with the not so well-hidden age discrimination to add to the mix.
  4. by   Libby1987
    Have you been working for independent agencies or hospital based?
  5. by   BabaLouRN
    Yes, I am feeling that too.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Many, many years ago, when starting out (and when I was decades younger, although nursing is a second career!) I was even asked questions about my age during interviews, so that is how I've known from the beginning that age discrimination is alive and well in nursing. I also believe that when they see an older nurse come in to inquire about work, they inherently know that they will not be able to pull the wool over star-struck, young eyes that don't know any better. Who wants to have someone around that you can't necessarily take advantage of, and who will tell you the bottom line without being timid about it?
  7. by   SeaH20RN
    I agree, stay with a hospital based agency. I worked HH for the past 3+ year and just went back to working in the hospital as a floor nurse 3, 12 hr shifts and love it. Glad to be back.
    Everything has its pros and cons. Good luck!!