1. Hi! I was just curious if anyone does pediatric home care, skilled nursing visits. I am somewhat interested in this area, but have tried private duty and didn't really care for it. What is it like? Do you have to go to a lot of bad areas? If so, do you get an escort? Are home health nurses usually salaried or paid per visit? How does it compare to bedside nursing which I can't stand? I did a semester of it in nursing school and liked it but just wondering how it is in the real world! I've read a lot of posts here but any info would be great!
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  3. by   renerian
    Never did much peds..........renerian
  4. by   NURSEKECK
    i am a cl. coordinator for a home health care agency in nj. you would like the visits, they are usually about 2 hours @ ~50.00. i jnow the $ is not the best, but this is one-on-one nuirsing. you should also try peds.
  5. by   zambezi
    When I was a student, I did one my my rotations with a public health nurse that specialized in children with special needs. I saw all kinds of tough cases with children that had some tough disabilities. I also monitored children that had mothers with substance abuse problems, teaching well baby/child stuff, etc. It was fun, sad at times, but definately a good learning experience.
  6. by   kids
    Up until the end of January I was Clin. Coord. for a "nation wide, NASDAQ traded", peds agency, in their smallest office (<20 clients, including HHA, unskilled). High-tech pvt duty was the bread & butter, I did ALL of the visits, sadly, I only got paid my hourly wage for doing them.

    Anyway, the afore mentioned agency has offices in NJ and surrounding States, PM me, I'll give you the name. I am still 100% loyal to the Company, my new Director led to my exit.