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  1. Hi everyone. Glad to find a venue for information. I'm the only FT home health intermittent RN for a Children's Hospital in Akron, Ohio. I have a number of PRN's that fill in, but sometimes there availability isn't enough. The area I cover is about an hour radius from Akron. I can but as little as 60 miles to over 200 miles a day on my car. I make an hourly wage(which my travel time is covered in that) Money isn't to bad. It's all the charting in the evening that get to me. I've been in Pediatrics for 8 years (4 with intermittent and 4 doing private duty). I wouldn't change what I do. I love it. I'd like to hear from other pediatric home health nurses out there... Lois RN
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  3. by   renerian
    I have not done much peds but yes the paperwork is overwhelming. One FTE does not seem like enough people. What is your census may I ask?

  4. by   mm nurse
    Hi Lois! I have been doing Pediatric Home Infusion for about 8 yrs. I love it most days . I have been a nurse for 18 yrs., all in pediatrics (Acute care, rehab, PICU, private duty, & home infusion). I like the flexibility of my job and I LOVE the family teaching. I do tell anyone thinking about homecare that it is A LOT of driving and many miles on your vehicle. It's definately not for anyone who hates to drive. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Mollie
  5. by   kids
    "reformed" Peds HH/PDN nurse here.

    I left after several years to do well child and am now in a forced (medical) retirement.

    One VERY nice thing about Peds...NO OASIS!
  6. by   AmPmRnoncall
    Hello again everyone.. My census is usually about 25-30 visits per week with putting about 150 miles on my car aday....:hatparty:
  7. by   BSN07
    What a rewarding experience Home Health Care sounds like. It is one area that I will be looking into when I graduate. What an inspiration you are to us.
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