nephrostomy tubes

  1. I have a family member getting bilateral nephrostomy tubes inserted in several days. Anyone have any hints or tips,( sleeping positions, care of bags, type of bags that work best(belly bags)) Is it possible to sleep in a double bed , where do you hang the bags? Any input would be appreciated THANX
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  3. by   renerian
    There was an appropriate response to this question here the other day??? Where did it go?

  4. by   suzanne4
    It will depend on the exact location where the tubes will be inserted, this can vary by the technique of the urologist or the radiologist. If slightly posterior the patients usually find it easiest to sleep on their "tummy", if they are quite lateral, then either on the back or "tummy", which ever is more normal for them. The only position that is ruled out is side-lying. If you use the regular foley bags connected to them during the night, you can just safety pin both of them to the side of the bed. Hope that this helps.

  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    living at home with a nephrostomy tube

    nursing care

    the hospital will instruct you on types of bags used for connection to the tubes, need for irrigation etc. make sure homecare arranged before discharge (ask for discharge planner/social worker/case manager to arrange) to help addapt at home, find equipment company etc.

    it all depends on tube placement how patients find a sleeping postiion. some sleep on stomach, others on back. some find the need for a baby pillow under small of back or flank to pad area while lying down.

    there are hollister vertical and horizontal tube holders available to stabilize the tube and hold it in place if not sutured in or very active person. small leg bags attached to tube can be safety pinned inside pants band. if nighttime bag used, can use diaper pin to hang bag from side of bedsheet. others use a clean dishpan on floor to place bag in---what works best for patient.

    recomend having antimicrobial soap in bathroom like dial to wash hands before and after handling tubes and paper towels for drying as best way of keeping germs at bay.

    i've had people sleep in double bed, others find loved one tossed and turned too much--all trial and error.

    hope this helps!