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    I need some advise. I've been an LVN for last 6 yrs in SNF. I recently became RN Bsn. Right now I have two job offers, one is from the local hospital ( 8 hour shift/ 5 days) Telemetry dept which pays just alright and the other is from Home health which also pays just alright. I am in CA and hospital jobs are very hard to come by here specially for new grads. Both are full time. Home health pays per visit basis but with benefits. I think i can make more in home health due to per visit basis. But I dont know which one to pick. In the future i want to open up my own home health agency which would be in 3-4 years. Should i just pick hospital for now and then do home health on the side (1-2 patients a week). Then after 1 year get a job in a different hospital that pays more and do 3 days there and other 3 days in home health. What do you guys advise. Thanks!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You said it in your post. Hospital jobs are hard to come by. Take the hospital job and make it work. Home health jobs are always available somewhere. Hospital jobs not so plentiful. After you feel comfortable, you can always add a shift or two of extended care home health, or perhaps on call weekend visits to your plate, but work out the newness of the telemetry job first. Congrats on the job offers and good luck with your choice(s).
  4. by   Proverbs 16:3
    Just don't stay in the hospital too long. We sacrifice our bodies lifting these patients and when you get hurt, it's not fun. The question is why the hospital if your goal is home health? Tele is busy but good experience. Is your goal to gain experience?