Lazy Nursing

  1. So, I work for a home health company in a small town. The staff at our branch consist of 2 LVN 2 RN plus a director who is also an RN, among other staffing that are not nurses. The LVNs are considered PRN so we come in every morning for morning meeting and then the RNs give patients if there is overflow. There is a fellow LVN who jumps at the opportunity to get pts, but never follows through with care. LVN will do a "visit" come back to the office basically gripe that the pt is not compliant and refuses to do anything to help the situation. She doesn't do teachings, doesn't notify MD, I don't get it! Would you say something to your supervisor or let LVN sink their own ship? How long does it go on because it's not helping the patient.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I probably would let the supervising staff figure out that this nurse is not being effective. If you bring up questions about her job performance, you will be seen as the problem and then the target will be on your back instead of hers. That is the way it usually works. Just tend to your own job. Now there are ways that you can make suggestions to point out that you would do things differently, without mention of the other nurse. You just have to think how to do this 'steering' in a very subtle manner that is focused on good patient care.
  4. by   BexnRN
    Uummm bbuuttt.....if she's an LPN, she shouldbe getting oversight by an RN. Soooooo someone ELSE is being lazy also lol. Ultimately it's going to be that agency's patients and reputation that suffer. Meaning business. Which affects the bottom line. Which affects our paychecks 😬