Job Offer?!

  1. I've been offered a job by an independent home health company and need help making a decision. It's a salary position with benefits working M-F 8-5 told I would usually be done by 3 and have 80% charting done. The number of visits each day varies depending on the type of visit. Admits are the most "paperwork" intensive so they take longer ( usually about 2 hours for visit and documentation). Re-cents or Post hospital visits typically take about 1 1/2 hours for visit and paperwork. Regular supervisory visits and discharges take about 30-45 minutes total. We try to keep your visit acuity to about 5 or 6 per day (admits =2; Recert/post hospital = 1 1/2; Supervisory/DC=1). That allows time for trace, the visits and completing paperwork. Will take call every 3 weeks. Was told not to miss out on any of my child's school parties etc due to work. Will have a company car, fuel card, sign on bonus. I live in a rural area without traffic and all my patients would live near my home area. I currently work at a hospital an hour away 12 hr shifts 3 days a week plus driving to hospital an extra day a week for meetings etc. I currently miss out on my child's after school and weekend activities. Does this job offer sound too good to be true?
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  3. by   Kaisu
    Sounds like a pretty decent offer from a pretty decent agency. I think they are light on the time required to complete and 80% charting done in home is optimistic. At least initially, expect to spend a lot more time depending on complexity of the case, etc.
  4. by   OldDude
    The company car and fuel card brings a lot to the table.
  5. by   McNester
    Wow! This is so similar to my story and the opportunity that I have in front of me. I work at a hospital that is about 75 miles from me and it takes me about an hour and 10 min to drive plus another 20 min to park and then get into the building and up to my unit. I typically stay overnight at a friend's house that is closer to the hospital when I work more than one shift in a row. Although the time away from my family and the pain that goes into packing and planning for an overnight stay was taking its toll on my, I had not considered leaving my position. I recently started a prn job with a home healthcare company closer to my home. The home healthcare company has recently offered me a full time position that is 40 hrs a week and nearly $4/hr more than I currently make plus paid for mileage. I will be closer to home and won't be spending nights away from my family. How can I not take the position? If I knew for sure that I wanted to be at the bedside for the long haul and work my way up to critical care or something that would be one thing, but I really can't say that is how I see my career progressing.
    From the research that I have done by talking to other home health nurses, it sounds like the done by 3 p.m. most days is definitely a possibility but it takes a bit to get there as you learn how to organize and prioritize.
    Good luck in your new position!
  6. by   Just Jojo
    I am actually an infusion nurse and just hired on with a private pay home health agency.

    My opinion is that you absolutely take the position! Better $$, better hours, etc. Five pts a day could be quite a few, if you look at the math. Depends on the mix of pts. Two hours for initial assessments, 1.5 hrs for recerts. And travel time to and fro....

    That can send you into an 8-10 hour day IF you do all the documenting on the scene. But if you have a skill for organization, you will see how good a job it can be. Car and fuel card? Fantastic....

    Go for it!