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It seems like the dream job for me. I talked to a HHC nurses last week and went on rounds with one of them today and I really think HHC is for me when I graduate. Probably Hosipce HHC. I'm happy to... Read More

  1. by   cherricka
    Quote from raindrop
    I had told her by message that I've been a LPN for 5 years, and if that would account for anything after I grad in 14 weeks from RN. She didn't address that in the message she left today.

    Hi raindrop, Just to give you a heads up, with my agency, when I tried to apply right after school (RN), I told them I had been a LPN for 13 years, and unfortunately, it didn't matter. I still had to wait, which I totally understand why now. Don't give up! Time will go fast.
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    Quote from renerian
    A previous posted informed you of sometimes going into unsafe areas. I have been chased, robbed twice and had a gun pulled on me in a patient's home so be aware of this safety stuff. I also when I did alot of visits put between 20,000 and 30,000 miles per year on my car.

    Good grief!
    You are far braver than me if you are still doing HH>
  3. by   danursern
    Well, I can say this I was the unit team leader charge RN on a busy high acuity MS unit of 40 patients and 10 were telemetry. I did everything thinkable, including participation in chest tube insertions which were done right on the floor. I worked for the government the RN's did everything the LPN's could only give oral meds. We had to do oral meds and everything else it was not fair.
    They only training I lacked in was Vents mostly no training, and Trachs, but I did do some trachs in in the hospital.

    I went into home health and I love it. Some of these agencies will hire you without MS experience down here. I don't know what is good and what is bad by way of agencies. I know the one I recently have had experience with is not recommended by me.

    I don't think HH is no where near the job I did in MS. MS is think on a dime business, and you always have the in your face problem solving, no time to breathe.

    I do not know I am a rookie. Good Luck!
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