I have lost my mind.....

  1. OK......... so maybe not yet.......... but I'm sure it wont be long......

    I am a glutton for punishment or either I have that type A personality that we were all taught in nursing school.

    I have been working for this home health agency for almost a year....... I have 13 yrs of home health exp.... I have also done ICU......... anywho......... I was working as the QA/Intake Coord........ I got a promotion to the Clinical Supervisor......... and I started back to school to finish my BSN........ taking an internet class, a mon and wed night class, and a sun afternoon class....... work 40+ hrs, with 3 positions in the field open (so you know my nurses are tired!)........ and have two very active boys (14, 12). Someone please tell me why nurses always burn their candle at both ends??? My dear hubby, bless his heart, he's picked up and run with the fact that he has to cart the boys back and forth to the ball field and cook dinner and help with the house so that I can for some reason spend all my waking hours with my nose in a book or looking at a computer screen. Luckily after Dec all my classes will be on-line with only 3 days a semester in school.......

    If by any chance you all see a blonde running, screaming down the street just know that its me and say a little prayer that I keep my sanity and point me in the right direction! )
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    It will all pay off in the end.
    Hang in there.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Could you cut back to just one class a semester--so you don't burn out?

    Walking in your shoes but put college on hold as brains fried from all the work change with implimentation of new computer system 9 months ago---was in overload. Short staffed RN's too--unable to hire a FT RN for past 7 months due to salary and work hrs 9:30-6PM so I get to close up office nightly. By time I clean up it's 7PM.

    Starting next week, I'm just gonna leave some work undone.... please remind me I said that.