How is the pay (generally) for home health care? More than hospital?

  1. Just wondering. I work in I work day shift in a hospital right now on a med/surg floor. I've been thinking about venturing to home health care but don't know what the pay is usually like for that type of position. I'm looking to work full time and need benefits etc. I looked at an RN position at a doctors office and the pay was about $4 less per hour than I make now, so that's not an option at all. 0
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  3. by   rksgray13
    It all depends on what you work i think. I made the same actually. Sure I wasn't working 3 days a week BUT I didn't have to be up before the sun or have the stress of the dang hospital. I did what worked for my patients and I. My company was fairly small and it made it better for me I think. Now the other nurse needed a schedule. She worked 7:30a to 4 i think. Plus I would accept anything they threw my way. Whether it was a new admit, IV infusion, a wound care, on call, whatever, I knew I got paid based on what I worked. The sent me 100 miles at 9:30 at night for a new admit. I didn't mind cause I could say no i can't and that was it. This company CARES about ME and my family plus their patients. If the hospital were to ask me to work an extra 12, HELL NO! Because when I told the hospital that I could not take a 9th patient (oncology floor), they said "oh well, you have no choice." Really, what makes you happy makes a difference.
  4. by   I<3H2O
    For me, I am grossing about $1,300 more per month going from hospital to home health (and both places were owned by the same company). At home health, I feel like I am working less hours per week and I enjoy my job so much more!
  5. by   KelRN215
    I make significantly more money in home health than I did in the hospital but I don't think that's necessarily typical. I worked 36 hrs/week in the hospital and I'm currently doing 35hrs/week in home health and my take home pay is about $100-$200 more per pay period.
  6. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    I do HH, but not traveling, doing admits, f/u visits, etc. I am an RN who works IN the home of my client. Its through an agency, the pay is great but there are NO benefits: health, retirement, sick, vaction, etc. If you don't work, you don't get paid. I choose to work 3 ten hour nights a week, I don't do weekends
  7. by   paradiseboundRN
    It varies so much depending on how you will get paid. Companies pay per hour, per visit, or salary. Having worked all of the above, I think hourly works best because it paid for my travel time and time at home documenting, $29.81 per hr. It was rare to find a place that offers that. A salary position in Metro Detroit pays about $63,000 and you are expected to manage about 25 patients in a 40 hr week. When calculating your wages, don't count the money that you get paid for mileage reimbursement because that's not really income. It is a reimbursement for your gas and the wear and tear on your car.