Hot diggity!! Guess what??

  1. I was blown away today!! If you don't know, I had taken a case management job for workers comp and auto, work from home office, just didn't work out for me. You thought the paperwork was bad in HH? It shouldn't have had to be as bad as it was, but this company was waaay behind the times, so it was really bad. I quit, w/o having another job except my per diem status still in effect from VNA. (Thank God I didn't quit.)

    Well, I read in the paper on the weekend, "New Pay Rates" in effect. So I called HR since I am now going to be working q weekend (ugh!) b/c the union won't allow more than 16 hrs during the week by per diems, and asked, so does this apply to the people who are already there?

    Oh yes. Check this out!! Per diem rate $30/hr weekdays plus a 20% w/e diff, which brings the weekend rate up to $36/hr. I am suddenly not too depressed to be working for the VNA again. In fact, the world is looking better. NRSKaren always tells me, your heart is in home health. I am thinking she may be right, but the money surely helps me to see that more clearly.

    To celebrate, I went out and got a very short, but very French manicure. Ooo La La!!

    I didn't ask what the FT and PT rates are, but I will find out tomorrow.
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  3. by   Furball

    Umm....where are you?
  4. by   renerian
    That is great! I would like to know where your at too?

  5. by   hoolahan
    I pm'd you re specifics of that. Thanks!
  6. by   KP RN
    Good for you, Hoolie!!
    I'm sure they're glad to have you back, as well!
  7. by   LoisJean
    'bought time you start getting paid a little bit of what you are truly worth, Hoolie! Keep us all posted-

    Lois Jean