Home Health Teaching Guides-HELP!!

  1. does anyone have a great resource/book/etc to get teaching guides for patient's? can someone please help me?

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Youcan print out almost any health topic from government's national library of medicine: medline plus

    nih just started site geared to seniors with larger fonts + video's: NIHSeniorHealth Home Page

    have you checked our patient education forum ???? ....has lots of helpful links.

    Peds info:
    health information: patient handouts/teaching sheets

    Advance for nursing:patient handouts for nurses

    Spanish patient handouts:

    Ethnomed -multiple topics
    Contains medical and cultural information on a variety of ethnic groups in order to assist providers in bridging language and cultural barriers during medical visits

    Medline Plus-multiple topics; MedlinePlus - In Spanish

    CHAMPS -multiple topics

    American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - multiple topics

    5MinuteConsult | Patient Handout

    Health Information in Multiple Languages-Medline Plus

    Low-Literacy Handouts:

    MedlinePlus - Easy-to-Read
    Lists MedlinePlus health topics that are in easy-to-read form.

    National Diabetes Information Clearing House - Easy-to-Read Publications
    A set of easy-to-read documents about diabetes in English and Spanish.

    National Digestive Diseases Information Clearing House - Easy-to-Read Publications
    A set of easy-to-read documents about digestive diseases in English and Spanish.

    National Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse - Easy-to-Read Publications
    A set of easy-to-read documents about kidney and urologic diseases in English and Spanish.
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  4. by   jnette
    Great resources !!! Thank You !!!
  5. by   nurseinmo
    Here is one with several useful things on Diabetes....
    Diabetes Education and Research Center - Teaching Materials
  6. by   Blackheartednurse
    Quote from lpn181
    Here is one with several useful things on Diabetes....
    Diabetes Education and Research Center - Teaching Materials
    Thank you very much lpn181,my first patient is diabetic,I will give her some of this material about diabetes.
  7. by   kajunscrap
    These are great resources thanks!!!
  8. by   coquifrog50
    Have you tried the ASPEN TEACHING guides? I have the hard copy from an agency I used to work for and I make extra copies from that book.
  9. by   jnette
    Kudos to all with these helpful links and beaucoup kudos to NrsKaren for the link to NIH Senior Health ! Thanx to her I have now found the Holy Grail of senior HH teaching materials !!!

    In particular, I LOVE the large, bold type AND the built in "quizzes".... very useful for reaching required goals of teaching.. having our patients be able to answer questions relating to their condition. Medicare auditors do ask the patients questions like these when they go into the homes. Teaching is not enough... they want to know if the patients are learning something. With these simple, yet effective built in mini-quizzes, this facilitates the nurse's job tremendoulsly. At the end of the visit, the nurse can document the teaching provided and that "patient was able to name 1-2 causes of home falls", ie., or "was able to name 2-3 benefits of lowering cholesterol".... etc.

    I LOVE it !

    I am now in charge of providing education/teaching packets for our road nurses.. to save them time in the mornings before going out. I have file cabinets full of categorized teachings, but this was EXACTLY what I was looking for !!! THANK YOU !!!

    Please keep the good links coming... for free, web based printable teaching guides for HH patients. Will be checking back here often for any new or updated material. Will be looking into the Spanish teaching materials tomorrow, as this will be a huge benefit to us as well.

    Again, keep up the good work, and Thank You !
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  10. by   jnette
    I have found some truly AWSOME websites which provide great teaching materials to download, PDF or regular web version, and most of these also include spanish translations.

    National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Aging, Uptodate.com, Medlineplus.gov and the CDC website, also had some great teaching materials ! Most of them are in easy-to-read large print, especially nice for our elderly patients.

    As you learn to navigate the sites and the tab scroll bars on the left, you will find an absolute wealth of teaching materials for your HH patients !!!
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  11. by   jnette
    Here's a really good link for some WONDERFUL print friendly patient tutorials !


    The ones that have the X-Plain tutorials are really, really good. You'll have to click on the "text summary" tab at the top for these, then print. Love that they are easy for our patients to read, yet well explained, and thorough.
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  12. by   abbie0

    Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center:

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  13. by   NRSKarenRN

    Client Teaching Guides for Home Health Care
    Author: Linda Gorman BSN, RN

    Home Care: Patient and Family Instructions (Book with CD-ROM) Authors: Deborah K. Zastocki RN MA EdM and Christine Rovinski-Wagner ARNP MSN


    Medistar Home Health Patient Education Center

    Website powered by Krames Online, provides access to more than 4,000 topics relating to health and medication, is available to patients, families and professionals.
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    Updated all the links Nov 2015-- added more Spanish and a multicultural site with many languages listed.
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